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Bob Fultz for SLV Water District

Welcome and thank you for visiting my campaign website.


This contest is, in my opinion, the most consequential local race we've had in almost 15 years.  The results of this election will determine (1) the nature of the relationship--meaning the level of transparency--between the Board and the rateplayers and (2) whether or not we step up and start a REAL process to modernize our water delivery system (or leave that task solely to our children and grandchildren).


In other words, this is a clear contest between Reform and the Status Quo.


You, the voter, face a very clear choice.  My campaign advocates the urgent need for balanced and deliberate reform across a range of issues--transparency, modernization, sustainability, the campus project and how we respond to reports like the one from the Grand Jury.  


On the other hand, there is the "slate".  The "slate" represents the Status Quo, consisting of one incumbent and two other candidates whom I refer to as "virtual incumbents" since, by joining with the incumbent on the slate, they must support the incumbent's record and positions on the issues 100%--meaning they are behaving as if they are incumbents. 


While contemplating which way to vote, please consider this:  "If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got".  I believe that if where we are today is the best that the status quo can offer, then the people of the San Lorenzo Valley deserve better.  I will be the Director that our community deserves to have.


There are 6 candidates running for 3 Board positions.  Therefore, the candidates that win this election are in an excellent position to bring about the measured and deliberate change that so many people I've spoken to want to see--which are reflected in the issues below.  Please click on any issue to read more.


Trust Through Transparency


Water System Modernization


Operational Sustainability


Independent Leadership

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