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Technology and Innovation

Bob is currently vice president of products for Range Networks, Inc., managing all product management, planning and partnerships.  Range Networks is focused on providing cellular phone systems for the 1 billion people in the world who don't have cell phones today, mainly in the developing world. 


Previously, Bob was a small business owner, managing a consulting practice, providing innovation management and systems design support for a variety of technology clients.



Bob served for 4 years as a Trustee for the San Lorenzo Valley Unified School District, serving at a time of profound change in the district.  During that time, Bob came to see the challenges facing education funding—but also the great opportunities available to improve education.


Bob has also served on the board of Mountain Community Resources, volunteered at the Boulder Creek Parks and Recreation Department and served for two years as treasurer for the District 9 Redwood Riders Gymkhana Association.


More recently, Bob has focused his volunteer time in service to one of California’s emergency response support groups.


A resident of the San Lorenzo Valley since 1988, Bob lives in Boulder Creek with his wife Stephanie. 


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