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Statement of Bob Fultz, Candidate for

Director, San Lorenzo Valley Water District

Occupation:  Vice President, Partnerships and Planning                       Age:  57

I support using construction funds for water delivery.  I believe in no surprises when setting water rates.  I promise to listen respectfully and actively balance water availability, use, offsets and growth.

My focus:  Do everything possible to develop and publish a complete system inventory and engage the community to build support for a plan to fully modernize our system, including new water sources.  We must break the current analysis paralysis and we need new blood to do that.  It’s time to build our future, and our children’s future, and it starts with clarity and honesty about the condition of our infrastructure.

We must make steady, prudent incremental improvements using existing resources:  fixing leaky tanks, replacing fragile pipes and maintaining the reliability of our water sources.

My family owned a water company so I know about serving customers and the importance of good, clean, affordable water.  The water must flow when the faucet is on. 

I’ve lived in the San Lorenzo Valley for 25 years.  I served on the SLV Unified School District Board of Trustees.  It would be my honor to serve you again.  Please help me make our district better.  Thank you for your vote.  338-4650

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