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The recent wave of letters in the Press Banner lavish praise for the incumbents under the broad category of “Environmentalism.”  Yet, all of us who are blessed to live in the San Lorenzo Valley likely consider ourselves environmentalists. While the environment holds a passionate interest for many people, including our team, we must not lose sight of the primary mission of a Water District.


The San Lorenzo Valley Water Board has the responsibility, in their role as Directors, to solely focus on environmental policies that directly affect how Water District properties will be maintained, including watershed lands, and procedures to ensure that any work on district property meets State and Federal laws, regulations and standards. This is what we refer to as "the business of SLVWD environmental policies."


Money you pay to the District should go for those activities--not for funding other environmental projects or causes outside the scope of the SLVWD.  There are many local environmental non-profits and foundations that the incumbents could join and personally donate to if they wish to address broader concerns. To be clear, District funds should not be considered an ATM for giving your money away to favorite groups or causes.


So let's review how well the incumbents have performed on "the business of SLVWD environmental policies."


1. Incumbents strenuously defend the use of Glyphosate in the Olympia watershed, despite strong public opposition. One of the most hardened supporters of this herbicide is an incumbent who moved here a few years back from San Juan Capistrano, a city that recently voted to eliminate the use of Roundup and Glyphosate!


2. The incumbents have failed to develop and implement an Integrated Pest Management Plan.  Why is that?


 3.  Our District Watershed Management Plan has not been updated or improved during the incumbents’ term—with some sections dating back to 2009. 


 4.  The conditions in the District's permit with the state to extract water from Felton's Fall Creek has been violated multiple times during their four-year term, which definitely impacts fish.  Even worse as it relates to the business of the district, these violations expose our district to potential state action, including fines and possible adverse modifications to the permit.  And, in the extreme case, revocation of the permit.  This has been pointed out to them--and ignored by them--repeatedly.


Rather than just talking a good game about the environment, our team takes seriously "the business of SLVWD environmental policies." We will correct these shortfalls because they are critical components in the business of protecting our district watershed properties and our ability to provide the quality water our customers expect. 


Please help improve the environmental policies of our district by voting for those experienced in taking care of business--including the business of environmental protection.


Whether you mail in, or go to the polls, VOTE FOR US!


Bob Fultz

Lois Henry

Steve Swan

Fultz, Henry and Swan for SLV Water District Board of Directors

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