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Endorsements, Testimonials & Letters

Bob Fultz

Lois Henry

Steve Swan

George Wylie, Rosie Chalmers, Dr. Terry Hollenbeck, Kathy Sinnott, Tom Lindsay, Barbara Nahrwold, Toni Norton, John Morrison, Beth Hollenbeck, Rick Moran, Donna Fertig, Lisa Sofranko, Mark Messimer, Dana Weigand, Chris Moran, Debbie Ladd, Barry Holtzclaw, Mark Thomas, Bill Smallman, Salley Smythe, Mike Verutti, Debra Loewen, Bonnie Morrison, Ed Frech, Bill Hoffman, Nona Williams, Bill Smythe, Lew Farris, Dave Ladd, Beth Thomas, Peter Lang, Steven Sofranko, Dee Allen, and updating....

Jeff Maxwell

Mary Jo Walker

Tom Andersen

"I, Jeff Maxwell as a former Fire Chief for the Zayante Fire Protection District and Valley resident since 1968. I have seen many Boards and many issues come and go in the Valley. I appreciate Bob Fultz for his candor, thoughtful and respectful discourse with the public and his approach to engage the current Board with reason, respect and dialogue addressing a variety of contentious issues. Bob see’s the big picture, respects the process and the details and has shown he is a good listener. Bob Fultz will be a valuable addition to the Water District Board."

"I, Jeff Maxwell, former Fire Chief of the Zayante Fire Protection District value the skills and demeanor Lois Henry brings to the conversation when looking at the November Water Board Election. I have been a resident of the Valley since 1968 and have seen the trials and tribulations of Water over many years. I was a close observer in 2008-2010 while Lois resurrected the Lompico County Water District from a variety of serious challenges leading to the eventual annexation to the SLV Water District. Lois Henry values the importance of public input, advocates for the public good and understands the Balance Sheet. The combination of valued communication skills, respect for public process and working knowledge of the local government finance process will make Lois Henry a valued addition to the SLV Water Board."

"As someone who has observed and experienced first-hand the deception, lies, arrogance, insults, mismanagement and misplaced priorities of the current majority of the board of directors of the San Lorenzo Valley Water District, and as a current ratepayer in the district, I enthusiastically endorse challengers Lois Henry, Bob Fultz and Steve Swan in their bid to make a clean sweep in November. New, responsible leadership is critical to SLVWD, and the incumbents have consistently demonstrated a knack at making irresponsible decisions, in their policies and their demeanor." 

Barry Holtzclaw, San Lorenzo Valley Resident and Ratepayer

Letters to the Press

Debra Loewen Letter for Fultz Henry Swan
Rick Moran Fultz Henry Swan SLV Water Di
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